Weird real estate facts you need to know


Weird real estate facts you need to know

Real estate is one of the most booming sectors out there. Apart from that, it is also one of the sectors which are drastically affected by any changes around! And yes, not to forget the list of amusing facts associated with this sector – here are a few weird facts which would stun you too!

1. Know about the world’s largest tree house

Who said tree houses are supposed to be limited to only one or two rooms? Take a cue from the world largest tree house, which took around 14 years to build. It has over 80 rooms and 10 floors! Imagine how huge this tree house is and the amount of effort gone into creating this masterpiece!


2. Want a secret doorway- here’s whom to approach

If you wish to have secret rooms and passages in your home – well, there’s a company out there which specialises in this! They’ve got you covered. From building the most exquisite and mysterious passages, they even have some of the most outrageous methods of locking these secret passages. How about playing a chessboard combination to unlock your door to the secret world – yes, that’s what they do!


3. The White House Renovation

In the period between 1949 and 1952, the White House was entirely renovated – replacing its wooden pillars and beams with metals one to improve the strength of the high structure. This required the White House to be wholly gutted – and then hoisted up all over again!

4. Solution to homes destroyed in disasters

Not a single home can stand the wrath of a natural disaster – and rehabilitation is a massive worry too. To make your job easier, there’s a machine which converts the concrete rubble (which is the aftermath of any natural disaster) into Lego-like building blocks. These blocks can be easily out up together but those afflicted to build up a new home in no time! And yes, these homes are earthquake resistant too!


5. Now, this is some well-thought of anticipation

The Cooper Union Foundation was built way back in 1859 when there was no slightest hint of elevators being discovered in the near future. However, the architect left an elevator shaft in the building – what if elevators are invented one fine day? Now this is indeed some great foresight!
Aren’t these facts amusing?

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